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Lincoln Forum: Adjustable foot pedal stuck
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    On my 2005 Navigator, the adjustable foot pedals only move a few millimeters front and back when the switch is toggled. It sounds as if the motor is working but something is prohibiting it from moving. Any ideas??? Thanks

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    I have the same problem on my 2005 Navigator and have not found any solutions anywhere out there, so I am going to analyze it myself very soon. I will post my findings.

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    Hi guys,

    I have heard a common problem with these is that the gear mechanisms wear out. Once replaced, they are usually as good as new.

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    ...or the cable is bound up.

    It used to be that you had to replace the whole power pedal assembly which was ridicuously expensive and quite labor intensive.

    I have a part number for the motor, but haven't checked recently to see if it is a serviceable part: 9L2Z-2C429-A (or 5F2Z-2C429-A ?).

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    I finally found this post from another forum:

    [Discovered the cause of adjustable pedals only moving a small amount.

    I decided to look at this problem today. It's been bugging me since we bought it in Sept. since it seemed like the pedals were near the far aft end of the travel range.

    After doing some isolating of the system, I narrowed it down to the gear box or pedal assembly for the brake pedal. So I took the cover off of the brake pedal gearbox. This will require disconnecting the cable from it. To do this, you lightly squeeze the plastic retainer on the end of the cable to allow it to slide off the gearbox. Removing the gearbox cover requires removing three torx screws and popping two snap tabs out their slots. After removing the cover, I discovered the problem. The gear on the jackshaft is cracked.

    It appears to be a plastic gear molded or pressed over a threaded metal insert that turns on the jack shaft. The crack in the plastic gear limits it to one full rotation before the spiral gear hits the crack. So all it will do is run back and forth by one gear rotation, which only moves the pedals a little more than 3/8".

    Since the position sensor is on the accelerator pedal end of the cable, I left the cable disconnected from the brake pedal end. This allows at least the accelerator to work through its full range and still have the memory function. I left the cover off of the brake pedal gear box, which allows rotating the gear by hand to get the brake pedal adjusted to a position that is comfortable for everyone that drives our Expy.

    Now I will keep watching the local wrecking yards for a brake pedal assembly I can scavenge.

    I hope this helps others troubleshoot the small movement of the adjustable pedals problem that seems to be so common.]

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    I know this is an old post but I wanted to let you guys know that I have the fix for this problem. A year or so ago I bought a Marauder and the pedals did not move. I tore them apart and figured out that the gear inside the pedal assembly is the culprit. I manufactured a gear out of brass that permanently fixed the issue. So I did some research and found that the gear in the Expeditions and Navigators does the same thing. It looks exactly like the one in the Panther Platform, but the internal thread is different. We are having a custom tap made to make the correct gear for these trucks. We should have one ready in a couple of weeks.


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